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You are now on the Beef Cut Sheet page. We currently have 3 different versions of the Beef Cut Sheet. The version that is the easiest to complete and will end up being the final version before it is sent to the processor is the Google Doc. If you have already placed an order, then the Google Doc link will be emailed to you and can be resent if needed. You will not be able to download your Google cut sheet from this page. If you cannot open the Google Doc that will be emailed to you, then the Excel version would be the next version for you to try. If you cannot get the Google Doc or Excel version to work, then the PDF will be the last option. For each version of the cut sheet, I have a Video Tutorial that has step-by-step instructions. There is also an Example Cut Sheet if you would like to see one filled out. If you still need assistance after watching the video and viewing the example cut sheet, then please email us at

Your Cut Sheet

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