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Farming has been a part of our family tradition for more than 5 generations. My great grandfather began raising calves for sale as far back as 1940 starting with Guernsey cows (which were used for milk) and crossing with Beef breed bulls. Some of these genetics are still present in our herd today. My grandfather started his farm in 1963 and was successful raising cattle and building a poultry business. Larry, my father, continued this legacy when he purchased his farm and began raising cattle in 1981. He started out with 2 angus heifers named Sassafras and Gentle Cow and currently produces about 100 calves a year. In 2004, he and his wife founded Lj Farms to support their Black Angus Beef business.

My wife Dolores and I acquired our own farm in 2015 which is adjoining the original Manley Farm and Lj Farms here in Northwest Ga. “Hillside Farm” became the name of our farm because no matter which direction you turn your head, you will see some of the most beautiful mountains and valleys filled with acres and acres of pasture land. Hillside Farm continues the Black Angus Family Beef Business and will hopefully pass down to my children and many generations to come.
Our young beef are raised to about 600 pounds on grass fields with their mothers. At 6 to 8 months old, they are then weaned and will enter into our beef program. They are put into grass, clover, and millet fields where they graze “free range” and not in confined feedlots like most of American beef. Our beefs have access to lush green grass and hay 100% of the time while supplementing the grass and hay diet with an all natural grain to help “finish” the animal. This creates marbling in the beef and enriches the flavor. The all natural grain that we use is supplied by a local vendor and contains no antibiotics. The beef that we sell is hormone free and is unlike anything that you can get from your local grocery store. It is going to be an all natural beef, more tender, more juicy, leaner, high in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, and an affordable product. Our beefs are monitored very closely. We complete weekly to bi-weekly weigh-ins to ensure these young animals are growing like they should. The weigh-ins give us an average daily gain and helps us determine a time frame of when the beefs will be taken to the processor. These yearling animals are slaughtered at about 1100-1200 pounds. They can usually achieve this weight at around 12-14 months old.

The beef that you receive will come in vacuum sealed packages. The vacuum sealed packages will remain good for 2-3 years in your freezer. We offer different size beefs to fit your family's needs. If you specifically want a smaller size, mid-size, or a larger size beef, let me know in the ordering process and I can try my best to accommodate your needs.

Your total price will depend on the Hanging Weight of the cow plus processing fees. We use a handful of processors that we have vetted and found to be very clean and friendly. We choose which one of those processors your beef will go to based on availability.

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